Personal data
For contacting me, you have to provide your name and an e-mail address or telephone number. At our first appointment, I will also need your address and date of birth. I also keep a dossier with information about the progress of our work and your state of health. I will store this information locally in digital form on an encrypted computer. I will not share this personal data with third parties without your consent.

The content of emails can generally be easily viewed by third parties. I use Proton Mail for my email communication. If you also have an account with Proton, emails between us are automatically encrypted. If you are familiar with PGP, you can download my public key.

In order to issue invoices and refund documents to the health insurance company, I use the provider The information stored there only includes your contact information and the dates of our appointments. This data is only accessible to me and I will not share it with third parties.

Data logging on my website
I keep tracking on my website as low as possible. General technical data that are necessary for the presentation of a website are collected. I use a tool to analyse page views and a booking tool on the «Services» page. I do not use any other cookies, tracking tools (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) or social media plugins.

Server Log Files
When accessing my website, general information is automatically collected and stored by the hosting provider Infomaniak Network AG. This information (server log files) includes for example the type of web browser, the operating system used, the IP address, the time, the host name of the accessing computer and other information. The data is stored in data centres in Switzerland.

Analysis of page accesses
My website uses the open-source tool Matomo to analyse page views. It is installed at the hosting provider Gandi, the collected data are only accessible to me and are not shared with third parties. The data collected includes the time, location, operating system, possible link pages and part of the IP address. The data collected in this way does not allow any direct identification of your identity and is automatically deleted at regular intervals.

Booking tool
The booking tool on my website is provided by the therapist directory Sanasearch. When you access the booking tool, a cookie is set which is necessary to use the tool. When booking an appointment, your contact details (name, email address, phone number) are sent to Sanasearch. Sanasearch stores this data and provides them to me. You can find Sanasearch's privacy policy here.

When you register for my newsletter, your contact details (name, e-mail address) are stored on the servers of Infomaniak Network AG, which is also used to send the newsletter. The personal data submitted in this way is only accessible to me and will not be shared by me with third parties. You can find the privacy policy of Infomaniak Network AG here. I do not use any tracking tools in my newsletter.

Data transmission
The communication from and to my website uses an encrypted connection.

Viewing and deleting data
You can view or delete your personal data at any time. Please contact me for this.